Personal Services & Accountability

The keystone of the firm's relationship with clients is the "Responsible Attorney" system. The Responsible Attorney's most important job is to understand the client, help the client achieve its objectives and avoid surprises. The Responsible Attorney knows understanding of its problems and opportunities. The Responsible Attorney manages projects with his or her client to provide efficient, cost-effective services.

Our practice is dedicated to the provision of prompt, effective and pragmatic legal, business planning and risk management advisory services to clients seeking insightful solution to sophisticated business development, operations and dispute resolution concerns. We will devote our full business time and attention to the practice of law on behalf of the Clients and to the furtherance of the Clients best interests. Our clients shall have the exclusive authority and power to determine the matters to be assigned to us. We will perform our duties in accordance with the ethics of the legal profession, state law and all municipal regulations, and ordinances regulating the practice of law. The Responsible Attorney's mission is to ensure that the client receives the firm's best service. The Responsible Attorney knows the resources of the firm and expertise of its lawyers. As the Responsible Attorney learns the special needs and personal preferences of the client, he or she can match those needs with the firm's resources. If the required expertise is not available within Famris, the Responsible Attorney will work with client to locate appropriate help through our outside contacts.

Famris has lawyers team with qualification of junior lawyers, senior lawyers and partners with wide range of experiences who can work independently or as a team to help clients to achieve their goals and objectives. We have cooperation for certain international transactions with some clients in Singapore and Malaysia.

Lawyer's Profile

1 Flora Dianti, SH, MH.( Partner )

2 Daisy Sinulingga, SH, MH.( Partner )

3 Rouli Anita Velentina, SH, LL.M. ( Partner )

4 Roelly Temmawela, SH. ( Senior Associate)

5 Joan Elma T. Margie, S.H.( Associate )



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