Profile of Flora Dianti, SH, MH. Partner

The founder of Famris & associates, Flora has represented numerous clients of a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation services.

As the founder of Famris and Associates, Flora Dianti has a Bachelor and Master in Law Degrees from the University of Indonesia and now she is a Doctor candidate. She has entered some

courses and workshops, such as International Arbitration course, Mediation workshop, Business, and Maritime Law Course in Singapore, Post Graduate Victimology course and Conference in The Hague, also Mining and Investment Course in Perth, Australia. She got the licensed to practice law with respect to the court litigations and focused her practice on handling civil law (family case, such as divorce, heritage, testament case, etc) and criminal cases (Corruption, Banking Crime and Ordinary crime, etc.), Arbitration, Labor Law and also corporate legal matters.

She speaks English and Bahasa Indonesia actively and Deutch passively.

She began her career as a Lawyer at Legal Aid District Court in South Jakarta in 2001. Since 2002 up to 2009 she worked as an Associates Lawyer at the Law Firm T. Nasrullah & Associates.

She was the member of Legal Consultant for Drafting the Brief of Appeal for Former Governor of Bank Indonesia (Syahril Sabirin Bank Bali Case), a member of Lawyer for Former Director Bank Indonesia (BLBI Case), and some cases of State Own Company Bank. when she was employed at her former law firm.She has been a Law lecturer at University of Indonesia since 2002 and at University of Pelita Harapan since 2008.
She was also been appointed as an external reader/ a member for selection Committee of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Judicial Commission (KY) in 2010. In 2011 and 2012, Indonesia Corruption Watch hired her as a cases-examinator.

In Corporate Cases, she has been experienced in representing some companies, in conducting acquisition, merger and liquidation such as:

  1. Representing foreign investment company in establising Service Company, and receiving Series A investment from a foreign company
  2. Representing PT Cassia Coop in receiving Series A investment from a foreign equity firm
  3. Representing PT Caraka Indonesia, in acquiring shares in a private equity firm
  4. Representing PT FOS Indonesia, in receiving Series A investment from a local equity firm, and also in processing the liquidation


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