Lawyers Fee

We realize that clients are seeking the best value for their money, and we compete not only on the basis of quality of service, which is our primary concern, but also on the basis of reasonable fees for the general structure of our billing policy to make available for our client, is as follows :

Hourly basis

In Hourly Basis model, calculated by the actual amount of time spent on a particular matter by the attorneys and counselors concerned will form the principal basis for determining the totallegal fees to be paid.

Lump Sum Basis

In Lump Sum Basis model, we also prepare to offer you a lump sum basis. This legal fee will be calculated based on the assignment and scope of work of the legal services based on agreement.

Retainer Fee Basis

Our retainer fee basis is calculated based on total amount of legal services to you maximum in an aggregate amounts of approx. US $1500.00 (one thousand and five hundred US Dollar) per month for only 10 hours consultation. Our retainer basis does not include other services than paper works and consultation.

For litigation and arbitration cases we will have another calculation which will be provided to you upon request. It should be noted that the above fee does not include charge for disbursement cost is a tuition that must be paid by client related to support in handling case, out-of-pocket expenses which will be separately charged to

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